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Renew Me: Design for the End of the World

Meet the Designers of “Renew Me”

Psyched for this year’s Grouphug NYCxDesign Week Show ? Check it out if you are in New York – so many talented designers!

“Renew Me” is a design show about energy & the environment.

It feels like there is an unlimited supply of electricity, food, & materials available at our fingertips. If we continue consumption at this rate, what does the future hold? Imagine society 100 years from now, when natural resources have been depleted and there is a boom of sustainable inventions.

Opening Party, Friday ! RSVP here
● When: Friday, May 10th from 6-10PM
● Where: Usagi Gallery in Dumbo
● What: Opening reception! Casual, see everyone’s work, folks come in & out. Light refreshments.

● When: 10am-6pm
● What: Regular gallery day.

● When: 10am-4pm
● What: Regular gallery day.

“Grouphug was founded out of the belief that designers can and should use their creativity to address important societal issues. We don’t need another line of high-end chairs— we need creative solutions to complex problems that affect billions of people every day.”

– Krystal Persaud, Founder of Grouphug


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