Origami for Three Months

Three Months is a coming-of-age comedy-drama movie produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and starring Troye Sivan. The film follows Caleb, a high-school senior in South Florida who is exposed to HIV just as he’s about to begin a new chapter. While he waits three months for his results, he finds love in the most unlikely of places.

Thank you to property master Paul Fox for hiring me to make 100+ origami cranes, flowers, butterflies, birds, etc. forest and sea creatures. See if you can spot my paper crane around timestamp 1:22:28 and paper octopus, frog, and flowers around 1:31:41.

Three Months streaming on Paramount+ Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

Writer / Director: Jared Frieder

Producers: Daniel Dubiecki, Lara Alameddine, The Allegiance Theater, Alex Motlagh, Pop Films

Studio: MTV Studios // Viacom

Cast: Troye Sivan, Brianne Tju, Viveik Kalra, Ellen Burstyn, Louis Gossett Jr.

Production Design:  Kathrin Eder

Art Direction: Harrison Paul

Property Master:  Paul Fox

Assistant Property Master: Ashley Bedford

Origami Artist | Art Production Assistant: Christina Mayo

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